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Mini Session or Full Session: Which is Right for Your Family?

In addition to cooler temps, college football, and pumpkin spice everything (literally burning a Gingersnap Pumpkin candle while I write this 😉), fall is peak season for mini sessions and getting updated photos of your family!

The phrase “mini session” gets thrown around a lot at this time of year, but… what exactly does it MEAN?! 😱

In this blog, I’m going to lay out the difference between a mini session and a regular session, and how to choose the one that’s right for your family!

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What is a mini session?

You can think of mini sessions as a ✨special event.✨ They’re offered on a specific date at a location chosen by the photographer. Each client reserves a block of time (usually 10-15 minutes), and sessions are booked back to back. Because they are shorter sessions, they’re fast-paced. A mini session is also usually a smaller investment than a full session and includes a smaller number of photos!

Who is a mini session a good fit for?

Fall is a BUSY season, especially if you have school-aged kids! If you have a jam-packed family calendar and find it hard to coordinate everyone’s schedules, mini sessions are the perfect fit for you! Since the date is already chosen for you, you avoid the stress of having to coordinate everyone’s schedules, and you don’t have to block out an hour or more for a session! 

They are also a perfect fit for families with little ones who don’t have the stamina for a full 45-60 minute session! It *will* take some extra prep to make sure your kiddos are ready to go when your session starts, but the fast pace of a mini session is excellent for short attention spans!

Finally, mini sessions are just right for families who love having professional, updated photos of their family every year, but might not want to book a full session each time! They’re also a great way to get beautiful, updated photos for your holiday cards. 😊

When is it better to book a full session?

A mini session isn’t the right fit for every family! If you want more flexibility in time or location, a full session is what you’re looking for.

If you have kids who take time to warm up and get comfortable in a new or unfamiliar situation, the fast-pace of a mini session may not be the best fit. You can book two back-to-back time slots to give them more time to get comfortable, or you may want to book a full session instead!

Finally, a full session is always the best fit for a newborn, maternity, or baby milestone session!

So, there you have it! Now you know the difference between a mini session and a full session AND how to choose which one is right for your family.

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Serving Columbia, SC & the surrounding areas