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Spartanburg Repertory Opera Presents Snoopy!!! The Musical | Spartanburg, SC Photographer

The curtain cloaks the stage. The auditorium lights dim, and a single spotlight shines over stage right, illuminating a piano and synthesizer. The opening chords of the overture for Snoopy!!! The Musical begin, setting the mood for the show. As the final notes fill the auditorium, the curtains open, and Snoopy — that beloved beagle — appears, sitting atop his iconic red dog house. Over the next two acts, he and the rest of the Peanuts characters delight the audience with scenes that illustrate “The World According to Snoopy.”
For as long as I can remember, I have been a fan of Charles Schulz’ Peanuts, so imagine my pleasure when I was asked to photograph the dress rehearsal of Spartanburg Repertory Opera’s performance of Snoopy!!! The Musical this November! This is the third show of SRO’s that I have had the privilege of photographing (though I have seen many from the audience over the years, too!), and I am always so impressed with the way these community members bring their characters to life. Snoopy!!! was no different! I could not help but laugh out loud from behind my camera during so many of the scenes; it truly felt as though Snoopy, Charlie Brown, Linus, Lucy, and all the rest had walked off the black and white pages of those newspaper comics and onto the stage in front of me!

To all the cast and crew of Snoopy!!! — thank you so much for allowing me to be part of your first show of the season! It is always such an honor to have a sneak peek of your fantastic performances, and it was a pleasure to be there for your final dress rehearsal before opening night! You all did a wonderful job bringing the Peanuts characters to life, and I’m so grateful for your contributions to the arts community in Spartanburg!

The Creative Team

Venue: District 3 Community Auditorium at Broome High School  |  Stage Director: Anna Grace Bennett  |  Music Director: Lance Bastian (piano)  |  Stage Manager: Bella Anthony  |  Backstage Manager: Sarah Williams  |  Lighting & Sound: Bella Anthony  |  Choreography: Anna Grace Bennett, Michelle Schultz  |  Music: Lance Bastian (piano) and Stan Wietrzychowski (synthesizers)  |  Actors: Stephen Gans, Jr. (Snoopy), Garret Gibson (Charlie Brown), Emily Roche (Sally Brown), Marija Roche (“Peppermint” Patty), Lauren Painter (Lucy van Pelt), Dylan Hooper (Linus van Pelt), Priscilla Bianco (Woodstock)

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Serving Columbia, SC & the surrounding areas