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In-Home Family Lifestyle Session in Greenville, SC | Baby’s First Year Photographer

family of three play on floor of nursery during in-home lifestyle session

A baby’s first year is a magical time. There is nothing like watching your newborn grow and learn new skills as they reach milestones! Like many pandemic babies, this sweet boy was most at home nestled in the arms of his parents in the quiet comfort of his own space. I loved watching him play on the floor of his nursery with his parents during their in-home family lifestyle session. I was able to capture him showing off many of his new skills, like crawling excitedly around his room and reaching for his favorite toys!

I also loved seeing his little personality shining through in his playful expressions, contagious giggles, and genuine curiosity of the world around him. During a fussy moment, I watched as he instantly relaxed when his mom danced and rocked him around the nursery while she sweetly sang “My Favorite Things” to him. Witnessing these tender moments between families is something I will always treasure, which is why I strive to capture the precious, intimate moments of families like this one as they play, sing and laugh together.

In-Home Family Lifestyle Session

I met Collin when we were both students at Converse College in Spartanburg, and I was thrilled when she reached out about scheduling their first family photo session with me! Living in a close-knit community like Converse, Collin and I shared many mutual friends and knew of each other. I have loved getting to know her more since their session and bonding over the shared joys of motherhood (as well as the ups and downs of living through a pandemic during your baby’s first year!).

For their session, Collin and Frank wanted to capture what life has been like for them during the first year of their son’s life snuggled closely together at home. Collin and Frank have spent countless hours tending to their son in his beautiful and artistically-decorated nursery. The walls are decorated with stunning animal art from Collin’s mom’s classroom; Collin herself is an artist and has infused her creativity throughout the walls of their home. Frank is a licensed pilot who loves all things related to airplanes and flying, and I love how they incorporated that into their session, from the little stuffed airplane from Frank’s collection to the adorable airplane romper their son wore at the end of our session!

I loved all the sweet, tender moments during this cozy in-home family lifestyle session that really captured the comfort and togetherness of home, from baby boy’s curiosity as he studied his mom’s necklace, to the magic of looking at his favorite book, to playing with stuffed animals that were Frank and Collin’s when they were young!

Baby Boy’s First Year at Home

I know Collin and Frank have cherished each moment spent with their son. They have created the perfect safe, warm, and loving environment for their sweet boy. Over the last year they noted how their baby boy has become increasingly interactive, giggly and excitable, which was visible by his sweet smile lighting up the room! 

Collin and Frank—thank you so much for inviting me into your home to capture this season of life for your family! I loved watching and capturing the way the two of you played and interacted with your sweet boy during your family session. Our little ones may not remember anything about this first year of their lives, but I know that your precious boy will always carry the comfort of the safe and loving home and family you have made for him. And Collin—I’m so glad that we have had a chance to become mom friends! I look forward to future playdates with our babies (who are not such babies now! 😭) in non-pandemic times. Big hugs to all three of you! 💙

Nicole Watford is a maternity, newborn, and family photographer located in Columbia, SC who loves capturing joyful moments for sentimental moms and their families.

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