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Cozy In-Home Lifestyle Newborn Session in Spartanburg, SC | South Carolina Family + Newborn Photographer

There is nothing better than witnessing baby smiles and giggles. As our little ones grow, their personalities start to shine through as they enter one of the best stages, full of bright-eyed smiles, curious eyes, infectious giggles, and delightful babbles and coos. I got to witness all the joys and delights of this stage during this cozy in-home lifestyle newborn session. This adorable little guy was in such a sweet stage and full of personality! I loved his gummy smiles—especially how they showed off his adorable dimples and bright blue eyes!

Emily and Adam, this sweet buddy’s mama and daddy, are natural parents. I have known Emily since we were freshmen at Converse living in the same dorm. We had many classes together during our four years there, and have thankfully stayed in touch over the years since graduation. Needless to say, I was so honored when she reached out about scheduling an in-home newborn session with me!

In-Home Cozy Lifestyle Newborn Session

My passion as a photographer is capturing new seasons of life and the small quiet moments of families together. When I asked Emily what she wanted to remember most about this season of life, she said, “I want to remember how peaceful it was and how in love I’ve felt seeing Adam fall in love with our son. I want to remember the cute little sounds our little one makes, how his skin feels, how warm he is laying on my chest. I hope pictures can capture that warmth and unity. I love seeing him wiggle, his big blue eyes, his tiny hands and feet, and the way he has a little tuft of hair that sticks up on the top of his head sometimes!”

The love and unity between this family of three flowed through our session as Emily sang “Sweet Baby James” to soother her son after a diaper change. I loved capturing Adam get a few belly laughs from him, while they sported matching daddy and son navy and white polka dot bow ties. This little guy’s smile absolutely lit up the room, and his baby giggles were music to my ears!

As I watched this adorable baby boy drift off to sleep, swaddled in a white and navy striped swaddle, it was clear that he felt safe surrounded by the warmth of his parents’ love, and the quiet, comforting environment they have taken great care to create for him. Even their skittish kitty, Nellie, felt safe enough to come out of hiding and check in on the family from the hallway, even as she watched me hesitantly.  

Baby boy’s warm, dreamy nursery is decorated with painted clouds on the wall, adorable watercolor portraits of baby animals, and a bookshelf that was Emily’s when she was young. I love that she incorporated a piece of her childhood in her son’s room. This bookshelf will hold a library of books that the family will enjoy for years to come. I can already picture Emily and Adam snuggling up close with their son and enjoying a sea of books and adventures together!

Emily and Adam—It was an honor to capture this season of life for your family! Emily, you have bloomed into your role as a mother, and I was honored that you you shared your birth story with me and that we could both chat about the joys and challenges of motherhood. I’m so glad we have been able to connect in this new season of life and support one another on this motherhood journey! Big hugs to the three of you!

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